What Is The Concept Behind Escape Room Games?

Remember the sense of accomplishment you’d feel from solving a puzzle? Think about what it was like to finally solve a Rubik’s cube or Sudoku for the first time. If you know that feeling, then you get the concept behind escape rooms. Walking into an escape room is like walking into a life-size puzzle. It’s… View Article

All the Reasons Why an Escape Room Is Fun and Exciting

When you hear the term escape room, your initial thought may be to avoid this form of entertainment at all costs. However, an escape room will never leave you trapped, and you will certainly enjoy the fun that you will have as a group working together to try and solve problems so you can successfully… View Article

Important Elements of Teamwork When Under Pressure

You never really know how a team is going to react to pressure until that team is put under pressure. Employers are always looking for ways to test their teams in order to see just how much pressure they can take and how they deal with pressure. It is far better to test a team… View Article

The Best Way to Enjoy Escape Rooms as Your Skills Improve

When escape rooms first came into fruition, people were eager to try them out, and this eagerness continues. However, if you’ve been to several escape rooms, you might have started wondering how to retain your interest as your skills improve. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up this new hobby of yours. Try More Challenging… View Article