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Corporate Team Building Activities in New Jersey

It’s crucial for any business owner or HR Coordinator to plan corporate fun activities for their employees. It keeps them engaged and excited to come to work and fosters a community that essential for any work environment. But the question is, what kind of corporate fun activities are the best ones?

Mystery escape rooms have quickly become a hip new way for teams to come together for corporate team building events in Philadelphia. Say goodbye to awkward corporate team building activities in the office. Take your corporate team building activities to an escape room instead! Your employees will love you, and you’ll find your team is stronger for it.

Corporate group activities and corporate team building events are crucial to any functioning team of employees in New Jersey or Philadelphia. You want your team to know each other if they’re going to be working together on a day to day basis. But how do you make that happen? A lot of businesses will offer poorly designed corporate team building activities that happen in the office on a Monday morning. That can make it difficult for employees to engage. Others offer corporate fun activities like going out to mini golf on a Friday afternoon. Those are great for employees to get to know each other, but they don’t mimic the office environment all too well. There’s not a lot of critical thinking.

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Corporate Fun Events in Philadelphia

Escape rooms provide a way for employees in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Cherry Hill to engage fully in corporate team building activities to get to know each other on a personal level and have fun, while also learning how to think critically together. They’ll explore their strengths and weaknesses in a safe, fun work environment. Your teams will use clues to solve puzzles together. It’ll be crucial that they work together as a team in order to complete their task (“escaping from a Mayan Tomb” or “robbing a bank”) within the allotted time. Crises and hard deadlines happen all the time in the corporate world – what better way to prepare for them, than by pretending to deal with one in an escape room as one of your corporate fun activities?

New Jersey and the Philadelphia/Cherry Hill, area a lot of businesses that could probably use a little spice in their work day. We know you’ll find that spending some of your work day at an escape room for one of your corporate team building events will be the perfect thing for a stronger, happier, more functional work environment.

The Great Escape Room is located just off of the NJ Turnpike in Cherry Hill NJ. We’re an easy drive from offices in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill NJ, and the general South Jersey area. We have a great event room for corporate team building events with a projector, fridge, and stereo system, and board games. Hold your corporate fun activities in the escape room, hold further corporate team building activities or work-related meetings in the event room, and then relax afterward getting to know each other with some games!

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