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What Is The Concept Behind Escape Room Games?

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Remember the sense of accomplishment you’d feel from solving a puzzle? Think about what it was like to finally solve a Rubik’s cube or Sudoku for the first time. If you know that feeling, then you get the concept behind escape rooms. Walking into an escape room is like walking into a life-size puzzle. It’s full of twists, turns, and surprises. Your brain and bodywork overtime to solve the riddles, find the clues, and uncover the mysteries that will help you to finally escape. Although you’re not actually locked inside the room, just the illusion of being trapped adds to the rush of adrenaline and sense of urgency.

Choosing an Adventure

The first step of escape room games is embarking upon an appropriate adventure. This may be influenced by the age of the competitors or even the type of group. Are you with friends, family, or coworkers? Enjoy a room that has plenty of roles to get everyone involved. Maybe you’re on a first date. Choose something intriguing to help you figure out if you make a good team. Are you out with the kids and the grandparents? Find something fun and silly to keep you all laughing. Adventure awaits; choose wisely.

Working the Clues

You’ve chosen an escape room in South Jersey, now what? The clues and tasks will vary depending upon the puzzle, but once you’re in, it’s time to get down to business. Find each player’s strength and use that to your advantage. Is your friend a great organizer? Get her to take notes along the way. Does your son have an eye for details? Have him scour the entire room for clues. This is the moment for everyone to shine in their own way and ultimately, help you all escape.

Solidifying the Team

There’s nothing like tackling a difficult obstacle as a group and coming out on the other side of it victorious. Escape rooms are the quintessential team-building experience. Whether that team is your family or just a group of buddies, you all will feel stronger as a unit once you escape a room together. With escape rooms, you step into a puzzle as individuals and step out as a team.

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